Monday, May 30, 2016

"Life and Death" - Week 99

May 30th, 2016

    Life certainly has it's twists and turns that are almost always unpredictable. This Saturday one of my converts and dear friends, Padilla Hernandez, passed away of heart failure. I had the blessing of baptizing this man almost 9 months ago while in Villa Mella. With special permission I was able to visit the family yesterday. His wife, Beatriz, whom I also baptized, was there with her many children, two of which, her daughters, I know personally as well. It's amazing for me to see just what an applicable difference the knowledge of the plan of salvation makes in the lives of those who truly accept the Lord. We shared some stories, some laughs and some tears. It was a nice visit. I wanted to visit them all earlier anyways but couldn't. I'll be going back next Monday. The last time I saw Padilla was the day of his baptism. It does however give me an irreplaceable peace of mind to know that he died a confirmed member of the Church and that one day we will see him again clothed in white. It has served for me as a testimony builder, and has only strengthened my faith. Families are forever and this Gospel is the truest thing that exists.

With love,
Elder Brady

Baptisms! Marciel, Rhadames, and Mercedes.
Mercedes, the elderly lady is actually the mother of the former president Alcantara.
He's in Cuba right now serving a mission with his wife and was ecstatic to hear the news.
She's known the church for almost 30 years,
just needed a little nudge toward the waters. Her other son baptized her. 

Visiting the house

At Padilla's baptism

​I love this man. He'll be greatly missed.

​Something I drew for the family and gave to them.
Because of Him, we may all receive eternal life.