Monday, May 16, 2016

"Time is Ticking" - Week 97

May 16th, 2016

     Everything is fantastic in Los Solares. We're replenishing our pool of investigators, getting to know new people each day. It's been an absolute blast being with Elder Rosales! He's an excellent teacher and came very prepared to work hard and share the gospel in his mission. He's willing to do what's asked of him and to help in what is needed. I see in him a very skilled missionary and future leader of this mission. He will help many other missionaries in the near future, I'm sure of it.

     When I first got to the mission, I remember thinking just how fun mission work was! Now almost two years later, I feel like I love it and enjoy it more and more everyday. The work of salvation is a serious thing. It's not without disappointment and it's certainly not easy, but I couldn't think of a more rewarding more joyful way of spending my time and energy right now.

     We went to Sabana Grande de Boya, my old area to visit today. Lot's of fun, but at the same time very nostalgic. Have a good week everyone! Love you all!

Elder Brady