Monday, December 28, 2015

"Tiva" - Week 77

December 28th, 2015

     Well, we were able to assist in the baptism of just about the cutest old lady you'd ever meet. Her name is Natividad (or Tiva for short), and fittingly so, her birthday is Christmas day. She was baptized the following day by her grand-daughter's husband. It was really special. Her entire family are members, and have helped her along quite a bit. She's almost 80, and has known the church for some time. The last three years she's attended regularly, and has simply never wanted to be baptized. But something changed in her. Our first Sunday in this ward we received a whopping 13 referrals of partial member families, including that of Nativity's. It's now strengthened my testimony on the efficiency of working with members, and the success of finding people to teach through their families. We mentioned the success story in our ward counsel last night hoping to raise the bar after seeing the goal of referrals given for the year of 2016 at a low 200. That would be more or less only 2 referrals that I would have to give annually as a member of this ward... which is not much, and could be much higher considering the potential this ward truly has. If every member were to give just one referral each month, we would end up with 1200 referrals at the end of the year. It doesn't seem that hard to reach with the right programs put into place, and enough follow-up to see it through. With referral numbers like that in contrast with what they've been in the past, I can only imagine the baptismal rate. Anyway, all is well and I'm extremely excited for this next transfer. Looking forward to all the intercambios. Thanks for everything you all do for me! I love ya tons. Have a happy new year!

Don't have time to upload photos... :( next week I'll have double!

*I had to add a this is one from last years Christmas! :)

Monday, December 21, 2015

" Feliz Navidad! Prospero Año y Felicidad!" - Week 76

December 21st, 2015

     Things are well. We've been seeing an innumerable amount of miracles this Christmas season. I myself have been trying to focus much more on our Savior's love, and extending that love to others. It's a very interesting time. I'm re-learning about the necessity of reliance on our Lord Jesus Christ. During the Christmas season the Lord works miracles in the hearts of those willing to let Him in, and I'm fortunate enough to witness them. Things are swell though. We've just been having a ton of service projects this week. We've painted the house's of our ward's second counselor, mission leader, and an investigator family that are super awesome. Service projects kind of spark a bit more pep and love into the missionary work for me. I love em! They keep me going. Any opportunity at service, and we'll jump at it.
     We're excited for Christmas. Hope you all get the best of this one, and that you remember why we celebrate it. There is so much noise in this world that just doesn't matter, but if we take a moment to truly ponder the significance of that one silent night, the peace will soon flow into our hearts and dwell within us as long as we let it. I love you all! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Elder Brady

ps. ¨Keep the change ya filthy animal.¨ - Home Alone

This little girl made a paper tie for me.
It's a wonderful work of art. She's such a cutie

Service project painting! Fun stuff!

Cookin up some Arroz blanco, chuleta guisada, y habichuelas negras.... yum!
My companion really likes your apron mom.
He never cooks, but I made him help me today,
and he got pretty excited, taking pictures and what not. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

"Baloy Valoy!" - Week 75

December 14th, 2015

 Twas a good week. We were able to do some pretty fun exchanges. One of them was with my old area El Eden! When I left, one of the district leaders in Villa Mella took my place as zone leader, and is now finishing the training of Elder Lemus. It's funny, cause we've had an exchange before when he was still in his training, so it was fun. Got to see some of my peeps back there. The other intercambio that we did, was with a companionship that's really having some problems as companions. It's sad to see such things in the mission, when it could all be solved with better communication between each other and more love. Hopefully we were able to help them see things from a different perspective. It's hard but rewarding at the same time to work with them and their zone leaders to try and help them out. Oh boy... the mission's a wonderful thing. It would help so many boys grow into men if they would just let it. Whelp, everything's fine and dandy here! Love you all!

Elder Brady

Lt. Elder Brady reporting for duty.
The Young men's president in our ward is in the Dominican Republic Air force,
so I borrowed his style for a quick pic.

Temple trip this week! Amazing as always

Elder Gaitan and I

As you all know, I am naturally attracted to anything bizarre,
and this certainly fits the category.
It's one of the most uncanny and unsettling sculptures I've ever seen.
Full of monsters, faces on tongues, boat-tombs,
Hugo Chaves, fountains, and Jesus,
this quintessential master piece brings the personal history
and imagination of it's creator to life.
Mingled and entwined within its painted cement structures,
lies a strange stomach-turning story dying to be told.
It's name- Baloy Valoy
 (The meaning of which is non-existent in any given world language)

I was able to meet the genius behind the work.
I think he thought we were going to make  him famous in America...

Madness meets Masterpiece

On the exchange, I was able to visit with Hector Santana,
who's baptism was delayed due to probation with the law,
but will be baptized very shortly.

My son (Elder Lemus), me, Elder Quintero, and Elder Gaitan

Monday, December 7, 2015

" We're a Traveling Circus" - Week 74

December 7th, 2015

     Things are great in Los Solares. I've recovered quite a bit from my illness since last week, so things are getting rolling along once again, and it sure feels good. This week, we were able to do an intercambio with Elder Pawn-Kalilikane, and Elder Monroy. I went with Elder Pawn (from Hawaii) in his area. It was a fantastic intercambio. And my buddy Elder Davis is also Zone Leader over there living in the same house, so we were havin a lot of fun. We lived together toward the beginning of our missions back in Sabana Grande de Boya, and we're from the same group (We started our missions together in the MTC). He's one of my best friends on the mish. The exchange was cool. I discovered that Elder Pawn is a very humble, sincere and genuine leader. We talked at length about what it truly means to be a leader, and how we can best fulfill that assignment. Touching upon various aspects of leadership; Zone meetings, meetings with the Stake President, instruction and empowerment of District Leaders, behavioral correction when needed, etc... I'm super grateful for this assignment, and for the opportunities I'm given each day to serve others. I'm also very excited for our temple trip this week! We'll be going this Wednesday. We also have 2 other exchanges in the week, so that'll be fun. Anywho, love you all!

Elder Brady
Our Intercambio.
Left to right, back to front;
Davis, Pawn, Me,
Rios, Gaitan, and Monroy

Our house... is a very very very fine house.
With two cats the yard, life used to be so hard,
now everything is easy cause of you...
I'll light the fire, you place the flowers in the vase that you bought, today...
-Crosby, Stills and Nash