Monday, May 23, 2016

"One Last Adventure in the Mountains" - week 98

May 23rd, 2016

     I'd like to comment briefly on a certain event that occurred this last P'day. As you may well know, Elder Davis and I went back to Sabana Grande de Boya for the afternoon. This little excursion turned into something of an adventure...

     As a preparation for this story, you must realize that this small isolated town in the middle of nowhere has somewhat of a strange feeling to it. It's a quaint little village with simple people who live simple lives. But something about it just rings bells in my memory whose chime I hadn't heard in a long time. It was an awkward time in both our missions in which we were still trying to get a handle on the language and missionary work. Thus our visit was like two middle aged men going back to their junior high and strolling the hallways.

     Everything was going just fine and dandy. We had visited most everyone we wanted to, and we're ready to go home. We decided to just write our families up there to save time and money. As we were nearing the end of writing, The elders currently in that area inform us that the last bus out of Sabana may have already left. So we packed up our things and ran to the nearby house of a member I knew. Out of breath, we explained to him the situation. In an instant we jump into his four wheel drive magic carpet and fly to the bus station. It had already left. We were trapped in Sabana! There was no other way to get back. We could have payed a taxi to take us back, but it would have cost us an arm, a leg, and Elder Davis's left ear so we decided it wasn't worth it. But we for sure didn't want to stay the night in Sabbana. So we went to Natanaiel's house, one of the most faithful member's I've ever met. He called some guys, and said there was someone who could take us back for an arm and a leg, but Elder Davis would be able to keep his ear. So we took it! Lo and behold, it was Tony! Tony used to take Elder Atkinson and I up to Gonzalez all the time when I was back there. Soon enough we were in the car on our way home, with Tony at the helm leading us out once again. Such a sense of dejavu... But Sabana wasn't going to let us go that easily... oh no. We had to replace a broken light bulb, then after having done that, we had to get gas, and by miracles, the station was open when normally it would have been closed at that hour... We finally arrived at the apartment in Cancino at exactly, no joke, 9:30 PM... Unbelievable. Then we finished the exchange the next morning, and all was well. The town didn't want to spit us out, but we made it.

Well, hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Brady