Monday, November 30, 2015

"The Midnight Phone Call" - Week 73

November 30th, 2015

    Things are great! Even though I've been a bit sick this week, it's been a good one. It started off as kind of a flu type of thing, and now it's fading into a cold... Super weird, but it's alright. I almost never get sick, but this time around I was mighty thankful for Mom's pharmacy that is usually used for my companions. It's slowed down here for that reason, but it's been good.
    We had a mission Tour with Elder Cornish this week. It was amazing. That man is undoubtedly inspired. The main focus was basically our purpose as missionaries, and our own conversion, which is something I think the mission definitely needed.
    So, I forgot to tell last week, but something pretty funny happened. The Elders previously here in this area were Stephens, and Ventura. They both went home this transfer, thus here we are blanking. Elder Stephens was my district leader way back when, so I know him well. Anywho, our first night in the house, we were there in bed, around the hour of 12, trying to fall asleep, when suddenly we heard a strange sound coming from the cell phone... at midnight! "Brady... Brady!... BRADY!... PICK UP THE FREAKIN CELULAR!... Brady..." coming from the cell phone, with the title "ward mission leader" calling us. We were freaked out! The time, the place, the name, the sound... Everything was creepy! We called him back, thinking it was an emergency. He didn't answer. We knew it was just a voice recording that Stephens had put as the ring tone, but we still went to bed uneasy. The next day, we called him back, and he said that it was just a false alarm. Apparently he received a call saying that somebody had gotten into the church building... So yeah

Anywho, Love you All!

Elder Brady