Monday, November 16, 2015

"Gone Baby Gone" - Week 71

November 16th, 2015

      The time has come... I have had 10 and a half months in Villa Mella. I've seen missionaries come and go, and have enjoyed my time thoroughly in my respective areas. With a bit of sadness, I pass the torch to someone else, as I have been called to serve somewhere over the rainbow. It's called Los Solares, of the Zone of Hainamosa. I'll be with Elder Gaitan, and will be white washing again. We've been assigned as zone leader capacitators. Basically we just do a whole lot of exchanges with new zone leaders, and elders that are white washing. It's awesome because I'll get to see a lot more of the country, and be with a ton of different people. In the mish it has the nickname of "Super Lider de Zona". Which is funny, because I no longer have the burden of a zone on my back, I'll just be goin around servin a bunch of missionaries and I still get to be part of the mission counsels. I'm super excited about it, and from what I hear, Elder Gaitan is excellent. It'll be a blast. I wanted to stay and finish my kid's training, but I know who's comin in to do the job, and he's a great friend of mine, so he's in good hands. The area I'm going to is actually where he started his mission, so that's funny. Any who, we'll see how it all goes this week. Thanks for all the love and support! Have a great week!

Elder Brady

My companion, being a vampire.
He was obsessed with those plastic fangs mom!

Some good friends in Vista Bella

Se Bautizo Padilla! I never got this one sent out