Monday, November 9, 2015

"Oh Lucy... You Got Some Splainin to Do!" - Week 70

November 9th, 2015

     Well, things are splendid as always! This week we had a baptism scheduled for a man named Hector, who is currently living with his brother, the first counselor of our ward. He's a great guy, and one of the most spiritually prepared investigators I've had in my mission. He's not a member, but he's part of the ward choir, and is one of the most faithful members of the Elders Quorum (Even though he's not a member). He's what we call a "miembro seco". Well, during a review of the questions for his baptismal interview, I asked him if he had committed a serious crime... When he responded "Does homicide count?" I was needless to say, a bit taken back. After talking a little more, we found out that it was actually a charge of attempted homicide, and he's on probation for six months. He used to have a bad drinking problem, and one morning he just woke up in prison. He doesn't remember a thing about that night. This event occurred four months ago. I think it was one of the hardest things I've had to do, to tell this man that he wouldn't be able to be baptized until after. But he's keeping strong, and has a firm testimony. He's made a lot of serious life changes. It'll just make this christmas that much more special for him. We'll be working with him a good while to prepare him even more. I really hope I don't get transfered this time around. It's kind of fun being in the same stake for almost a year. Every stake conference the service project is like a big reunion from all the members and converts I've gotten to know. Everyone knows me well, and I know them. Any who, here's some long belated photos I owe ya'll.

Elder Brady
Some friends at a service project.
The one on my right is Luis Nery, from Ponce.
He's a convert of mine from about 6 months ago.

Dileni! Se Bautizo´!  I never sent the pic

Padilla! Se Bautizo´tambien! I love this family so much!

Nobody had any idea what it was before.

The top of the "F" hit the fan during the move... don't judge me...

Me and my boy... 

Nuñez came and visited us

At the temple with Hector and his nephew. Love these guys