Monday, June 1, 2015

"Transfers are in." - Week 47

June 1st, 2015

     Well, we got our transfer calls. I'll be leaving to Vista Bella as Zone Leader of Villa Mella. This is the same zone I've been in, but different area. I'll be with my old Zone Leader Elder Lanza, from Honduras. I'm super excited, cause he's awesome and we'll get along great. He's leaving after this transfer, so I'll be "killing him" as the saying goes. It'll be a lot of fun, and I'm excited for all I'm going to learn as Zone Leader. It's fun, cause a lot of people are staying in the zone, so I know just about everybody, and I've got a lot of good friends here. Elder Valdes will be staying here, and will be paired with another Elder Valdez. How funny right? It's sad to say bye to Ponce, but I'm movin on. Love you all, and thanks for everything.

Elder Brady

The last supper.

Saying goodbye to a good friend.
 He's goin back to Guatemala!

Villa Mella! I gave Elder Zarate my old watch.
We've got style

​Elder Zarate left us with some gifts.
Some things that have meant a lot to him in his mission.

Me and J.M!

Adios Elder Zarate!

These girls are just the cutest. Every time we'd come over,
they'd run up to us screaming "Hermanos, hermanos!" and give us hugs.

I love this family.​

Raffy and I. One of our investigators

Randy and I. I'll miss this kid.

The whole fam.

Daniel. This kids a pill, but can't help but think he's cute.

Herman Brito

I usually have terrible luck with small babies.
They always cry when they see me.
But this one for some reason always loved me,
 recognized me, and laughed with me.

A family of recent converts. They're awesome.
Rosy, to my right, just gave birth to their new baby boy two weeks ago.
 Love these guys

I was feeling artistic, and took a shot of this unfinished,
abandoned basketball court.
The sign says, "enough already of false promise"

A bit of my area