Monday, June 22, 2015

"Got, Got, Got, Got No Time..." - Week 50

June 22nd, 2015

     All is well... No time at all, just like the Guess Who, so hear we go...

     We painted some steal bars at the stake president's kindergarten, and so that's helpin a ton with our relationship.

     We had a development meeting with the zone, and it went well. Had a testimony meeting at the end that was super spiritual, so I guess that's pretty rad.

     Had an incredible lesson with an investigator family accompanied by our bishop at the temple yesterday. It was really powerful.

     We now have two dates for the Noche Blanca in our area, and are starting to see many others in the zone.

     I love the mish, love the work, the calling, my comp and most of all the challenges given to me by God to help me grow. Peace out ya'll

Elder Brady

Elder Lanza and I

We found a bird in our house and made it our pet. His name's Junior