Monday, June 29, 2015

"Seven Years in Tibe... or One in the DR" - Week 51

June 29th, 2015

     Things are going very well here in Vista Bella. We're beginning to see many blessings due to, what I believe is truly "entregándose al Senor". We've stopped trying to do things our way, relying on our own reasoning and knowledge, and have turned the work over to the Lord. After all, it is His. We're focussing more on families, and people who actually want to progress, filtering out those who aren't ripe and ready for our visits just yet, and in doing so the Lord is beginning to trust us enough to give unto us His chosen. Of course there's still plenty of error, and plenty of room for improvement, but I've noticed a great difference lately. We're applying these same principles in the Zone.
     Several weeks ago, we had planned to do an "object lesson" type activity with the Zone; something Elder Lanza had heard from about cups with holes, and it's relation to obedience. Half of the cups had holes, and each companionship had to fill the cup with water, but it's impossible, if one of the companions isn't obedient (hole filled cup). After we did the activity, and were headed back into the chapel to talk about the principle, we decided to change it up a bit, and apply it to the needs a bit more relevant to the zone. The cups without holes were investigators ready to receive our message, those with holes were those who aren't, and even though the missionary tried to tape up the holes to make it to the other side with a cup full of water, as soon as that missionary left, the water came spilling out. We've been focussing hard on discovering the true desire of our investigators, so that we can find those who are waiting for us and have been prepared. Last week we also made an example of trying to balance a broomstick with our fingers, and noticing how impossible it is to do if we're only looking at the bottom of the stick. But when we watch the top, having the end in mind, we're able to adjust our own movements according to the wavering of the stick. It's all about seeing the investigator through the eye of faith. We're mentioning or talking about the temple almost every first lesson with an investigator and we've seen major improvement so far.
This next Thursday, we're planning on demonstrating how missionary work is much like a filtration process. There's some kind of seed or something that grows after some time in water, so we'll be experimenting with that, showing that some will be ready, and some aren't, but later after a while, the seed will have grown in the water, and will be ready for harvest for the next missionaries. I'll let you know how it goes.
     Personally I love teaching with stories and examples. People seem to respond to them so well if it's clear enough, and I always end up learning something from it. We'll be using these more often to address specific needs of the zone, and the wishes from above. The spirituallity is increasing and frivolity decreasing. I can't believe I've been out for a year... It's a strange feeling. In the words of Pete "That don't make no sense!" By the way, I've taught that phrase to my Honduranian companion, and he's practically a man from the south now. Love you all!

     Elder Brady