Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Change is a Process" - Week 49

June 16, 2015

     Firstly, shout out to my Mom! Happy Birthday Mom! Im so grateful to have a mother as amazing as you in my life. (Im sure everyone will make her feel extra special today ;)) Anyway, couldn't write yesterday, our Zone had interviews with the President. They went great! Everything is going really well. I love my new calling, area, companion (Elder Lanza and I are great friends) the zone, everything is awesome. We've planned a pretty dope Zone Meeting that I'm excited about. Villa Mella has really low baptismal rates, and we're trying to turn that all around. This last month, we had 4, and it doesn't look like we'll do much better this month. But on the 11th of July, we have a "Noche Blanca" planned. (White Night) Where each companionship brings the investigators that have been preparing themselves , and we have a big stake baptism. We're excited for that. This last week, we had a meeting with President Corbbit, and the Stake President. It was a little strange. The meeting was very cold, in the sense that the stake president was almost attacking us, and wouldn't look at the big picture, (We have very little support from members here, and he doesn't accept it as a problem.) But we had family home evening with him and his family last night, and our relationship has gotten much better already. Very good person, very good leader, just a little frustrated with the numbers, as are we. Things are going to start changing fast in Villa Mella. We've put a lot of thought, prayer, and preparation into how we can best target the specific needs of the zone, and address them with love, and in a way that the missionaries discover the solutions for themselves. I'm learning a ton in this new calling. Any who, all is well. Thanks for everything! Have a great week,

Elder Brady

Some photos of the house