Monday, June 8, 2015

" First Week in Vista Bella" - Week 48

June 8th, 2015

     Well, Im here in my new area, and all is well. I love my companion, Elder Lanza. Im learning a ton from him.The Zone is really good, but I'll tell ya, it sure is different being Zone leader. There is never a free minute. Absolutely every second of the day is occupied by some problem to resolve, some phone call to make, some report to give... It's extremely busy, but I love it! The ward is really good. Its probably the best established ward I've been in on my mission yet. There's a lot of support from the ward. It's very strange to get used to a new area, and I've forgotten how it is, so everything, all the names, visits, streets are all just a blur right now, but I'll adjust soon enough. I love it here so far. Thanks for everything, and have a great week!

Elder Brady

Sorry I ain't got no photos for ya'll, I'll try to be better next time round.