Monday, December 1, 2014

"The Case of the Mysterious Platano Tree Leaf" - Week 21

December 1, 2014

    So, Elder Ponce is always poppin up and screaming around dark corners in the house, startling the crap out of Atkinson and I. So we decided to mess with him... Psychologically. We found some wierd lookin giant pea pod thing, and stuck it in his bed, and in some pants of his in the drawer. He found the one in his bed, and just thought nothing of it. Then the next time, on our way home, I stepped it up a notch and ripped a giant leaf off a tree. We got home, and none of the lights worked, but there was light outside. Wierd right? We put the leaf on his bed, and went into our room. Those lights didnt work either, but the fans did... We were a bit wierded out, then we got a phone call from a blocked number... Nobody was there. Then I sat down on my bed, and at the same moment, something grabbed my foot, and elder Ponce jumped out of the closet, screaming at the top of his lungs! They got us good! I let out quite the scream! They had gotten home early, and unscrewed all the light bulbs. What's best comes next... Ponce discovered the leaf on his bed, and he and his comp. were in his room talking about it, when another strange green pea pod shows up on the floor! (they had moved his pants) The guy was freaked! He was super quiet the next day, thinking he was cursed by spirits, and kept saying "no more jokes"... the next night we put leaves in each bedroom, and turned over all the beds! We got him good! We had to finally fess up that night... before he called the president, all freaked out! Any who, just a funny story for you all. Hope everything is good!

Elder Brady
Call me Mr. Pollo...

Our grave yard. Stacks on stacks!

Intecambio with Zone leader


Birthday party with an investigator!