Monday, December 29, 2014

"Angelico (Gift Exchange)" - Week 25

December 29th, 2014

     Well, Christmas week. Twas good. Certainly different though... Dominicans don't really do much in the way of celebration. At least not where I am. But it was still super fun. The Caminos had us over for dinner, such a nice, humble family. Later that night we went up to our roof, made a fire and roasted marshmallows. We also bought some pretty disgusting tasting sparkling cider. Note to all- If you rapidly tip a bottle of sparkling cider upside-down into your mouth, it will bubble out of your nose very unpleasantly. 
Christmas morning, we opened my packages and made a wonderful mess of our place. Super fun to open a bunch of presents and then go talk to my Family. It was the best! Thank you all so much! You guys said I have a slight accent and elder Davis´s family said the same to him... But I still don't believe you.
The next day we had a district gift exchange. We each had names that we bought gifts for. I had Elder Teves from Argentina, and got him the gift that keeps on giving, a water-gun. He's very happy with his gift, and enjoys using it frequently on elder Davis. Elder Ponce had my name. It was a good bit of fun to receive my own Bible, the one he thought I thought I had lost on Christmas eve. It was even more fun to see his face as he read the note I handed to him before. It goes as follows-

"My dearest Elder Ponce, 
   I realize this little note of mine must be quite unexpected. I know Ponce. I know. I must say, your fox-like cunning is fairly impressive. The clever plan was admirable.
Your extreme cold-bloodedness is an impressive thing. To steal a fellow missionaries Bible, which is of course essential to the work, on the very eve of our Lords birth. . . That must have been a heart wrenching thing to have gone through. All for a good cause, true? I understand your perspective quite empathetically. The greater good of comedy, all done in its name and for humors sake. To keep secret the very book, stowed away in your suitcase, eagerly waited to reveal it at the time of the gift exchange the day after Christmas.
   What anticipation you must have felt. Even after we had told you of our strife, retracing our steps trying to find where we could have left it. Even after reading my story of the hours spent on Christmas Day trying to locate it, after I had spun the lie of calling the assistants and paying for another Bible if that didn’t elicit guilt sufficient for confession, I don’t know what would be.  
   Nonetheless, your Stonewall composure was unbreakable. “How do I know? “ you may be asking yourself. Your mistake does not lie in trusting your companions, rather in the man running the store in which we had left the book. His softened heart revealed to us your malicious web workings, when we returned to the shop. Don't feel too bad that it didn't pan out your way. Your plan was poetic however, it pays to have befriended that owner of the shop Monday before playing soccer, gaining his confidence.
   Don’t think of it as being foiled but consider this a lesson learned.
Thank you for playing,
Elder Brady"

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday Season! The love of Christ and His gospel is spreading here in the Dominican Republic. Thank you all for your prayers, and know that you´re in mine. And a Happy New Year!

Elder Brady

Me enjoying my hammock. Great gift!

Hermano Camino was this years "Chairman of the Feast"!

A few hooligans up on the roof top... click click click

As a punishment for losing Uno, Elder Ponce had to play with a beanie over his face.

Another punishment. If the book falls, he draws cards. Also, everytime he placed a card, he had to say the phrase "Shagadelic Baby"

Christmas morning!

Have I really been that good this year?

Thanks for all the gifts!