Monday, November 24, 2014

"Fighting chickens, wierd sacrament meetings, and the Zombie apocalypse!" - Week 20

     November 24th, 2014
     Well, I hope this note finds you all happy in whatever you're doing. For me this week has been great as usual! So, the people here are super funny. Im way out in the campo right? That means that these branches are super small, new, and not many people attend. For example, we show up to the church in Gonzalo about five minutes to nine, expecting to find the building opened, chairs set up, and things prepared for the meetings. What ended up happening instead, was the Branch President coming about fifteen minutes later with the keys. He's a super great guy, just a year off his mission, but he needs all the help he can get with his new calling as the president. I cant even tell you how much I miss church in Utah. Where the hymns sound nice, and you can hear the people speaking without busy cars, motorcycles without mufflers, and bachata music in the streets. Ha ha! It's super different. We also ended up giving talks on short notice... so there's that. Don't really know if anyone understood me, but oh well.
What else, I saw a cock fight... They're really popular here, along with dog fights. They have arenas all over the place. Its pretty disgusting actually. But I´ll have to admit, when the roosters arent fighting to the death, its a little fun to watch... Mostly just the people, betting and screaming... they get way into it!
The secretary of the branch here in Sabana has a conspiracy theory about chem trails that the US is spreading in the sky. He's had us take pictures of them stretched across in an X formation. Elder Atkinson and I are convinced that this is indeed the begining of the Zombie apocalypse. Well, hope all is well in the homeland! Love you!
Elder Brady     

 Rainy day

These Kids are great!

Reminds me of a couple of "boxer boys" a time ago!

Sabana Grande De Boya, taken from a gua gua bus on our way 
to a Zone meeting in the capital.
Guyana, Mexico, USA, and Columbia!