Monday, December 22, 2014

"Feliz Navi... Wait... no... on the side walk?" - Week 24

December 22nd, 2014

Well, Merry Christmas to all! What a strange time of year to spend in the DR! Ill tell ya what... Mom... I actually really miss your decorations. There aint nothin down here! Seriously... It does not really feel like Christmas, and it actually hasnt hit me that its almost here yet! But its totally good! The DR has lots of other fun things... which brings me to an explanation of this letters title. On our way to the english class we teach the other day, we met an interesting man, presumably homeless, screaming as loud as he could. Teenagers were just laughing at it in a group near by. It was a bit unnerving and a strange sight to hear and see indeed... so we passed him, and much to our supprise, we imediately thereafter ran into a man with his pants down, casually (for lack of a more eliquent way to put it) pooping... on the sidewalk... in public.... Now, we had heard of this man before. The side walk pooper. But this was the first encounter we´d had with him. Hopefully our last. I suspect him and the screamer may be in league with each other, but the results are inconclusive. Just a story for the the giving. Anyway... Merry Christmas to all!

With Love form the DR, 

Elder Brady

One of our investigators is a barber

The Bros after the ward Christmas Party

Did a contacting intercambio in the capital