Monday, January 5, 2015

"6 months down... wow!" - Week 26

January 5th, 2015

     Well hello everyone! Hope all is well. This week was pretty good. Yesterday however was a pretty sad turn out in the Gonzalo branch. It was just us, the first counselor, the secretary, two members, an investigator and a couple of kids. It was the strangest sacrament meeting I've ever had. And we didn't even have classes or anything before it...Nobody showed... It was interesting. Then after church, we went to give the sacrament to a member who can't make it to church. They're over 70 yrs old, and his wife has some kind of very severe dementia or something. Its a very sad sight. She can't sit still, always getting up and walking to the door thinking someone's there. When her husband tells her to sit down, she screams "Suertame Hombre!". He now has a little seat belt strapped to the chair to contain her a bit. So sad for him to see his wife slowly slip away from him. He's cried several times in our visits, and theres simply nothing that can be done but to give continual support. Its a bit of a downer this story, but with the gospel, we know it has a happy ending. He's a very devoted spouse, and will receive his recompense in the life hereafter. Well, thanks for everything. Love you all!

Elder Brady

Elder Davis and I

Countryside in Gonzalo

One of these were lit at midnight for the New Year on almost every street here. 
We couldn't see them lit though...

According to tradition, we burnt ties to commemorate our 6 months in the Mission.

I could make some kind of analogy here with the burning fire of the Spirit or something, but really it's just us burning stuff! We don't completely grow up on the mission ya know...