Monday, November 10, 2014

"My Computer is missing the etter " "... don't augh at me..." - Week 18

November 10th, 2014

     Hey everyone! As my heading says, I have missing keys on this computer, so pardon my speing errors! This week has been crazy! Transfers and everything... Im in Sabana Grande de Boya! There is nothing out here! My comp is Eder Atkinson from Guyana! He's awesome! Dont have much time, so I'm just gonna send a whoe bunch of pics!
I ca this... "A Moment of Pensivity" - Taken upon the roof top of our church in Gonzao... We have two areas right now, and one of them is a itte Haitian town caed Gonzao.

Perfect scene for a James Bond foot race!

Our chape... wierdest sacrament meeting I've ever attended!

A house in Gonzao

This is the od meeting house in the town, we've since upgraded! 

Eder Atkinson on top of the Word!?

This kid posed for me as I took out my camera, and that's the face he made! 
I ove it!

eaving a Victoria, one of our comado (store) guys

Nioa's Fam!

Mendez Fam!

The Rincon Fam!

Us with Ibeice!

Choco and I wreste!

I miss that crazy kid!

In the DR!
 Thanks for a the prayers and support! Ove you guys!
Eder Brady       
* did you figure out what "  "etter is missing? :)