Monday, November 3, 2014

"Evel Knievel with a tie and plaque... Righteous Knievel, Elder Knievel, Evel Kneveragain... Take your pick!" - Week 17

November 3rd, 2014

     Another great week in the Mish life! Well, I´ve got some developments as this week was transfers. I´m leaving La Victoria and going to Sabana Grande. My new companion will be Elder Atkinson from Guyana, and Ive been told he´s a real cool guy. I also know another Elder from my district that will be in the same house as me, so no problems! It´s just really uncomfortable to get up and move everything. I just started to get settled into to this area. It will be very sad as I say goodbye to all the people Ive come to love so much. Same goes for Elder Bodily. Good guy, and a good friend. Ill miss him. But we´re still in the same mission. Anyway, Ill be leaving tomorrow for my new area which is supposed to be super ¨Campo¨ (just means ¨field¨ but dominicans use to describe the country, so it will be very poor) but Im super excited. Just gotta take REO Speedwagon´s advice and ¨Roll With the Changes¨
     In other news, we had a service project at our stake Saturday. Super fun, we painted the side curbs to a median in the street on which the Stake Center in located. Got paint all over ourselves, and Elder Smith (A greenie, one of the whitest kids youll ever see) got incredibly sunburnt! Poor guy looked like he belonged in a tank at the Red Lobster! Over all, it was a really fun project, after which we were all happily plumb tuckered. But now I´ll recount the story of how we got to the Stake Center that morning.
We were at the side of the road, and with bad luck, waiting for a taxi for about 20 minutes. Then a Motoconcho pulled up. (Motorcyle who does routes as well, and very popular mode of transportation in this country) Elder Bodily and I looked at eachother, sorely tired of waiting, and unsure of when the next taxi would show up, yet both knowing full well that riding motorcycles is prohibitted. My friends... We learned why this rule exists that very day. Three dudes on a dirtbike... I dont know how or why, but I ended up on the back of the blasted machine! To say that is even an overstatement. As I hopped on, I could tell this wasnt going to be good, but the driver began to zoom off before I could say ¨Wait... Not a good idea¨ From that moment to the end of a 25 minute ride, I played a game called ¨Dont Fall Off!¨... Not a fun game! With the tightest butt-cheek sqeeze I could muster, I clenched what little I had of that seat with my thighs, and bear hugged Elder Bodily like a Koala with all my might. Cruising over bumps and swerving pottholes, this made for a very uncomfortable 25 minutes, all the while my companion laughing at the situation in the middle, thinking it very humorous as I hold on for dear life... At one point of the ride, going up a hill, we had to ¨Flintstone¨it, and scoot ourselves with our legs, then we continued on weaving through traffic. It may be a fun adventure story, but in the moment it was a very unpleasant experience. Lots of fun though.
Anywho, next week I´ll update you all on my new Area, Zone, House, Companion... new everything! Thanks for all the love!

Elder Brady
Los Resauradores! Adios mi Primera Zona!