Monday, November 17, 2014

"Week 19"

November 17th, 2014

Hello Hello!

     I´ll start with some great news! This week I can use the letter "L"in my emails! You learn to look forward to the small and simple things when living in a third world country. I get excited when I save 5 pesos on water by going to a different colmado, or things like waking up in the morning without mosquito bites. You cheer for days like that! Every night around 4 a.m. the light goes out, and our fans with it. Its kinda like clock work now... 4 o clock, I wake up sweating, grab my handy dandy mini fan (Great idea to pack those Mom) and i put it next to my face untill i can fall asleep again. ha! "Its the best! I love it!" (said in the voice of Nacho Libre)...
     Lets see, what happened this week... We helped a guy catch a runaway chicken! That was fun, and frankly not as easy as you might think... After several grueling minutes filled with terrible rooster impersonations and alot of running around, we cornered it. The man was grateful, and happy to have his lunch that day. 
     So, we have kind of an interesting situation. We have two areas, the only elders in the mission to have two. We go to Gonzalo, a small, poor, heavily Haitian populated town, several times a week. The branch there is very small, and the branch president is just a young return missionary who needs all the help he can get. Really good people though.
     We teach one lady who is very funny. She thinks that every answer to every question is Abraham... We show her a picture of Jesus, saying, "Who's this?"and she says "Abraham!" Oh boy oh boy, but she's a great spirit. She and her husband are going to get married so that she can get baptised, so its all great news, we just have to take it slow with her. But all is well in the DR! As always, thanks for everything!
Our weight room! We're gettin pumped!

Our bathroom... Nah! This is the neighbor's unfinished place

Our bathroom! See that bucket? That's our shower!

This is what happens when you don't have water to clean dishes for several days...

Our street.

I must say, we do have a pretty sweet balcony!

Our house.

This is Elder Dog... He follows us to every lesson, and sits underneath our chairs... Crazy dog... but he's an Elder!

Thanks for everything!
Elder Brady