Monday, September 14, 2015

"Opening Doors" - Week 62

September 14th, 2015

 Well, twas a good one. Didn't see too many drunk people, and I didn't run into many "frecas", so I'd say it's been pretty outstanding. We had our monthly meeting with the Stake Pres. and I must say, from the first meeting I had with him to this one, things have changed tremendously. The interesting thing is that we had a very low month, considering numbers, just like we had four months ago. Honestly, the results on paper were very similar. Now, that's not a good thing, but the the President's reaction sure was. It was totally different this time. He's now seeing things much more from both sides of the work.

     We also had our desarollo meeting with the zone this week, and it went really well. We talked about working with members, obedience, making inspired questions in lessons, charity, the pure love of Christ, and at the end we talked about "Effectual Doors".  While talking about a good number of scriptures in Doctrine and Covenants, I began to draw a big gate in the middle of a brick wall, one of those old medieval ones that lift with chains. Then I drew the chain. We talked about certain "walls" that seem insurmountable in the mission and in our lives. The wall I drew was immovable. Then they said, well, why don't we just go through the gate? Well, doors, being the means that transport us from one side of a barrier to our destination on the other side, need a key to be opened. Luckily, we have living seers and revelators on the earth that possess such keys to open such "effectual doors". But the thing about the door I drew, is that even after it's been unlocked by someone who has the keys, you still need to pull the chain. You still need put forth the effort. Then I had all the Elders form a line side by side, and link arms. Each of them was a separate link, but together they were a chain. One elder on one end pulled as hard as he could, while the opposite end did the same. The chain held strong. Some of them almost broke, but they didn't. Then I had one of them in the middle make his arms super loose, as though he didn't care about the mandate to stay strong as an individual link. Both the ends did the same, and I think you can imagine the result. The chain broke. And the "effectual door" wasn't able to be lifted up. It shows just how one disobedient missionary can effect the success of the entire mission. We're a team, we're a chain. And if we can't all pull together, staying strong individually, the chain will break, the door won't be opened, and we won't receive the blessings promised to us.

     Well, we'll be having a great week ahead of us, full of stuff to do! Love you all!
Elder Brady

Our zone after an activity at the church!