Monday, September 7, 2015

"Birthday!" - Week 61

September 7th, 2015

     This week was fantastic! We had a temple trip... amazing. We had a mission tour with the Pres... Amazing... Probably the best I've had in the mission. My birthday was sweet. Friday, the sister leaders surprised me with a cake and a card written in by everyone for my Birthday. Saturday, my companion had some decorations for me (humble but sweet) and that morning I opened my package. Not to brag or anything, but just so ya'll know, I have the best mom in the world. I loved every bit of the package. In the night we were at another persons baptism, and brother Nuñez and Rodriguez showed up out of the blue, and they gave me cards and presents. It was perfect. Then, we went back to the house of one of our investigators that came to the baptism, and there waiting for me were a bunch of friends, members and investigators, surprising me. We went up to the roof and ate dumplings and salami. It was awesome. Everything was great, and people really came through. It was a super nice day. Especially compared to my first b-day in the mish...

     The Friday after the mission tour, we had our district meetings. At the end, we all met as a zone to talk about our baptismal goals. We talked about the mentality of faith as though what the Lord has promised has already come true. During the conversation, I called up Hermana Hinrichsen as a volunteer. I asked her if she trusted that I would tell her the truth, and that what I asked of her would be possible. She said yes, and agreed. Then I asked her to give me 1000 pesos. Laughing, she said she'd love to if she could, but that she didn't have it on her.  After several moments of questions like, "but didn't you have faith?" and what not, we asked them all to go to 1 Nephi 3:7. As they all turned to it, Hermana Hinrichsen was extremely surprised to find a thousand peso bill I had slipped in her Book of Mormon earlier in the meeting. "You've got some pretty light fingers there Everet..." She didn't know it, but I had provided what I asked of her, and had prepared a way. After that, we turned back to the goals, and the result from the Zone was great. They all started raising their goals saying "I think such and such family could really be ready this month..." It was great. And luckily, Hermana Hinrichsen gave me my 1000 pesos back...

     Anywho, thanks for everything! Love you all!

Temple trip!!!

I snapped my self a pretty rad pic with the president... Oh ya!

I've got the best Zone ever!


Love these guys!