Monday, February 23, 2015

"Some days you´re the dog, and others you´re the fire hydrant" - Week 33

February 23rd, 2015

     This week, we had one lesson in particular that stood out above all the rest. We had the opportunity to take investigators of ours to the temple as part of a temple trip our branch did. We took hermano Anibal and his daughter Estefani, along with her baby. In the gardens of the Santo Domingo Temple we taught the Plan of Salvation. A perfect lesson to teach, and to relate to the work of salvation that is done in temples all around the world. This was one of the most spiritual lessons I've had on my mission so far. No great promises were given, no revelations had, and no tears were shed. But there didn't need to be. It was a conversation completely guided by the Spirit and it was clear that His presence was felt that day in front of the spectacular view of the temple. If only we could teach all our lessons on temple grounds. If all goes well, Estefani and Elizabeth (another daughter) will be baptized soon. Anibal is not married, and his "Wife" doesn't want to, so we're still working with them.

Well, not much else noteworthy happened this week, and my computer crashed in the middle of writing this due to an ever so common power outage, so I had to start over and am now out of time. But thank you all for your prayers.

Love you all,
Elder Brady

PS. One day while teaching outside on some chairs, our investigator´s little brother came up to me, about four feet away, pulled down his pants, and without an ounce of shame began to pee directly on my foot. Luckily I stood up before it got to my pants. Sin verguenza eso muchacho! Imajinase, explicando a su mama, ¨hermana, perdoname, pero su hijo estaba orinando en mi pantelon ahorita¨!

Ha- Thought I'd let you all off without a stupid story eh?

Elder Castro and I playing and singing hymns. 
He also knows John Lennon's "Imagine"so that's a plus!

Anibal and Estefani

At the Temple

Elder Guzman and I... Man am I white!

La Zona Villa Mella