Monday, February 16, 2015

"Entrapped! -only, on the outside of the house... and Catherine Zeta Jones isn't in this one." - Week 32

February 16th, 2015


All is well here en La Republica Dominicana. We've got some pretty sweet investigators. One is a family, Anibal (the Father) Nibia, and their daughters Estefani, and Elizbet. We're taking them to the Temple this week to have a lesson in the gardens there. I'm super excited for it. We have to work slow with Anibal cause he has memory problems from years of drinking that he has now left behind, but he has a strong desire to learn and that's what's most important. We also have another person who knows a ton about the gospel, has a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and of everything else in the church, but has the ever so common problem of her "husband" not wanting to get married. They have 4 children together, and call each other spouses, but nothing on paper. Very common here. It's not even the money issue for them, he just doesn't want it. We're working with them though. We have some good people that we visit and are super excited for them. The members are willing to help us as well which is great. 

Lets see, what happened this week... I finally submitted to the inevitable consumption of a certain dominican delicacy called "patas de pollo" or -chicken feet. Apparently they eat the bones and all, so... I took a big crunchy bite. They're actually quite good tasting... (once you get past the image in your mind of munchin on tiny Oompa Loompa hands)

What else... Oh, we got locked out of our house today. Ya, we went out the back door when we left for the store because our neighbor, Willy, offered us some homemade herbal tea. It was delicious! (Side note- No principles of the Word of Wisdom were violated during the drinking of this tea.) Anywho, when we returned and unlocked the door we were very disappointed to remember that because we went out the back, the bolt locks on the front were still in place and untouched. It happens, right? So, we spent the next 45 minutes trying desperately with creatively made wire instruments to unlock the inside from the window. After having called the longest-armed member we could think of, we went around back and tried that door with Elder Valdes's Ole card. It worked! Needless to say, we won't be leaving from the back again.

Any way, thank you all so much for the love and prayers. Until next week!

Im afraid to announce, that in this new house, 
we had the same problem of a clogged sink. 
The two marks under my teary eyes represent my 
experience in the field of unclogging sinks. 
This one was a fighter... and the story, worthy of the "Hall of Victory"!
 This time we found a plastic spoon in the pipes! I don't ask the questions, 
Im just sent in to do the job no one else will do.

The bag wasn't sufficient for the stench. 
"-I'm not the hero they deserved, but the hero they needed."

Welcome to Ponce, Republica Dominicana

That's the city of Santo Domingo in the faded background

Couple o' G's on the roof top