Monday, February 9, 2015

"The Battle of Elder Brady" - Week 31

February 9th, 2015

Hello humans,

Had a pretty good week. We brought a really cool less active member named Junior to church with us yesterday. He loved it! He hadn't been in 9 months, so it was great. We're working with a lot of menos activos in this area. It's a good area, with great members. Finding people to teach continues to be fun. 

Well, I can easily say that I have faced my hardest trial of my mission so far. One rainy night, we enter the house of some investigators of ours. There it was. Only a glimpse, and it was too late. Their cousin was watching , yes... Wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiit...... The Hobbit- Battle of Five Armies. We sat down, and I promptly faced my chair in a direction away from the TV. Elder Valdes sat and laughed as I fought the good fight, struggling not to see or hear anything. Trust me, it was no temptation to watch the movie. The last place I would ever want to is on a 15 inch, discolored TV, probably pirated version of this movie, in the DR, on my mission. My comp would occasionally say something like "They just set something down on the table. It seems important, cause they all gasped." Me- "Ïs it blueish-white and glowing?" -"Yes"  - "Thats the Arkenstone.... And ye know not of its value..." Let me tell you all, It was hell. I narrowly escaped with only seeing a troll with a catapult on its back, and hearing what I presumed to be Beorn fighting, and the death of Thorin. It was a nasty experience I never want to go through again.

Other than that, everything is fine and dandy here en La Republica Dominicana! Thanks for everything, and I love you all.

Elder Brady

Nunez brought me a Green leaf broach, one like the one Aragorn wears in the movie. 
He knows me too well.

Hermano Nunez and Hermano Rodriguez, teachers from the MTC, 
came and visited us for P day.
It was awesome to see them again. Still some of my best frieands in this country. 
We had Tacos, and they brought Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It was great!