Monday, March 2, 2015

"A Day in Santo Domingo" - Week 34

March 2nd, 2015

     Well, today, I got us permission to go into the city to see some of the cool historical sites of Santo Domingo. It was awesome! And quite a bit of fun. We even got to go with our good friend and neighbor, Willy, who is sacerdote in the catholic church. He’s also involved in the community politically. Needless to say, he knows a ton about the country's history, and was able to tell us so much about the Catholic church. It was a great experience. I've got a bunch of photos of some of the places we visited...

Im joining the Boy's choir, and that's final!

Centro de los Heroes

Remains of Juan Pablo Duarte, 
a revolutionary figure whom I swear has a street named after him every three blocks.

Willy giving us an exciting history lesson!


El Conde

La Puerta del Conde!

You may call me Admiral of the Atlantic!
This is the oldest cathedral in the Americas, 
and first built. Pretty amazing!

Don't know what this is, but it's cool...

Inside of the Cathedral

This was a nativity scene they had for Christmas. 
They're all dressed in typical traditional dominican clothing.

The Holy of Holies

See that spider vaulting Shalise?

Beautiful stain glass

Its not Michaelangelo, but its still quite impressive!

There's an underground system of tombs in the city of santo domingo, 
this is the center, and points to all the other tombs of important people. 
The tour guides don't tell you that, but we had Willy...

Some old Spanish fort we weren't able to go to cause it was closed
Cool public art

"Where the devil cannot go, send a woman". 
Saw this on the street, thought it was funny!

I think the fashion world is calling my name. 
I actually have many agencies looking at me as a sombrero model. 
"I'm a model, if you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk..."
Christopher Columbus's house. Ya baby...
The ruins of SanFransisco
Me and my "pana" Willy

We found a honeycomb on the side wall ¨Dulce miel¨

This was once a chapel. A tomb lies underneath here as well

This used to be a hospital

I also designed our Zone's t-shirt. 
"El Angel Moroni subiendo de la Republica Dominicana" 
Declaring our zone, Villa Mella... We're pretty much the best.

Excuse the crudeness of the drawings, 
I did them on short notice,
 and materials were in short supply.
I'll show you all the shirt when we get it. 

In the meantime... Have a great week!