Monday, January 12, 2015

"Sink Pipe Wars" - Week 27

January 12th, 2015

     Well, we go to the Temple this week, and that's why I'm emailing so early. P-days are cut short the weeks we go to the Temple. I'm super excited to go! I've only gone once before in the field, and it'll be great to go again. A bit of an update with an investigator. She's kind of a miracle. One night we stopped her on the side of the street, invited her to church... Just one of those things, really not expecting her to show up. But the next day she was there, and has rarely missed a day in the last 2 and half months. She's just about ready, and it's super exciting. We just have to wait a bit cause she's only 15 and has no members in her family. Well, that's about it. Thanks for everything. Love you all!

Elder Brady

The pipes in our sink got clogged up. We had to clean them out. I don't think anyone had ever cleaned them out since the missionaries have been renting this house... 
It was a dirty job. This hankerchief was generously sprayed with fabreeze before applied to my face as a protective barrier between my nose and the repugnant odor of months and months of decaying food.

The paint is my mark of a warrior, fearlessly marching into battle.

I made tacos for the guys one day. That table definitely wasn't clean after we were through with it.

Took a picture next to this horse statue... because... well because its a horse statue...

Went to Monte Plata for a baptismal interview.

Dominican sunset