Monday, April 11, 2016

"To' Ta' Bien! (Dominicano para "Todo Esta Bien")" - Week 92

April 10th, 2016

     Well, we're playing the juggling game. Trying to balance and manage our time between areas Amalia and Los Solares is a challenge, but I like it a lot. It's been fun getting to know new people. Really there isn't much new, just pressing forward. Several investigators have dates to get married, and we're hoping their partner is willing to go through with it. Elder Charles is coming along with the language and is beginning to understand a little more each day. The members here are starting to get really excited about missionary work and ward activities. They've had me talk like three times in sacrament meeting recently and things are starting to get rolling. We're receiving more referrals and they're going out to visit people with us daily, so things are lookin up. Thanks for everything, I love you all!

Sorry its just a quick report, not much time, and not too eventful this week.

Elder Brady

"You put the Lime in da Coconut and drink um bo' up" -Harry Nilson
Lets just say I was a little excited to find a place
that actually puts the lime in the coconut!
It was delicious, and I'll be calling the doctor in the morning...

At the Conde with the guys eating pizza outside
in a bistro with the oldest cathedral in the Americas in sight.
It was a beautiful day.

Four buds
Los Padres de la Patria!