Monday, April 18, 2016

" Al Monte del Señor" - Week 93

April 18th, 2016

     A splendid week here in sunny Dom Rep! We were able to go to the temple with some investigators, renting another bus as a zone. It was a great experience and the MTC counselor gave a little lesson there. We'll also have another lesson in the temple this Saturday, and immediately following, a baptism. Her name is Benny, and she's awesome. Very prepared. As always there is constant opposition, but we try to count the blessings instead.
     Sometimes our efforts seem fruitless, and sometimes we work hard only to meet failure and ask ourselves, "what's the use?". But we are always rewarded in some way, even if we can't see the results of our labor in the time we think we ought to. But that's where faith comes into play, and everything within us is tested. We are all in the storm at sea, thrown overboard and tossed by the waves. At times we're struggling to help others get to the raft safely, and at other times we're the ones in need of help just to stay afloat. But the most comforting thought is that we're not out there alone. We have a rescuer that walks on water, who's voice the rain and sea obey. We are never alone, for He who suffered all our afflictions offers for us to take up His yolk, and with His help, side by side we can make it to safety. His yolk is easy, and His burden light.

Have a great week!

Elder Brady

Maryleidi and Luisa with us at the temple

The gua gua to the temple, and Elder Call's face...