Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"The Golden Days" - Week 81

January 26th, 2016

     Well, this week was great. We changed our P-day so that we could go to a couple of museums, thus the reason I'm writing today. I have a lot of photo's for this week, so I'll just send those.

Recognize him?

Carlos Marroquin came back to the country,
and was sealed in the Santo Domingo Temple.
He served in the same area that I'm serving in right now as well,
and came back to visit. It was amazing!

Wouldn't be him without the peace sign

Love this guy

Bunch of hooligans in church

King of the Hill!

Service project in our ward mission leader's house

Found a great place to eat downtown today

From Utah to the DR!

The assistants were able to come to the museum with us

Tarantula... gross...

He was hungrier than I was

I just happened to be taking a phone call
while at the same time taking pictures

The Elk is my spirit animal

My brother bear and I
enjoying a peaceful session of meditation

My pal and former companion Elder Romero and I

My companion and I... oh, wait...

Blood thirsty

These rebellious Elder's left their mission boundaries...

Museum of Modern Art

Blown away. Honestly... wow.

Last Sacrilege... I mean Supper...


Green sleeves isn't just a cherished Christmas folk song

T'was a fun day

Love you all!
Elder Brady