Monday, January 18, 2016

" The Plan of Happiness Truly Brings Happiness' - Week 80

January 18th, 2016

     This week, we met with one of our progressing investigators to teach the plan of salvation. Her name is Vilma, and has recently lost her baby boy. She has truly been prepared by the Lord. She reads every pamphlet and every chapter of the Book of Mormon that we leave with her. One night, we visited her with a member, Rigoberto, who is actually in charge of the stake missionary work.

     Now, in my mission, many times have I met someone contacting, or have knocked on a door when someone comes out, and almost instantly, I know that I knew them before in our pre-mortal life. I've come to recognize these situations quickly and unmistakably. I've also felt the presence of those who have already passed on while sharing about how the family can be together, connected forever through family history, but never quite like this.

      During the lesson, she asked several questions about baptism and her child that passed had away, and where he is now. We were able to answer the questions, and the Spirit was incredibly strong. At one point, the Spirit was so strong and so clear, that I knew I had to voice and testify of what I felt right then and there. I began to explain that at times, the Lord permits for the veil to be very thin so that we may feel the presence of those on the other side. When I said that, Rigoberto, our member present, began to smile and just shook his head saying, "wow"... he felt it too. I continued, and was prompted to tell her with absolute asurety that her son was in that room with us at that very moment. Rigoberto testified that he had felt the same, and my companion followed saying the same. There is no doubt in my mind that Vilma had felt her son's presence as well.

     I left that lesson with a stronger testimony that truly the Lord allows visitations from our loved ones to strengthen us and cheer us on to important decisions in this life.

     Vilma studies every weekend and will not graduate until May. Thus she has never attended church. However, this Sunday to our surprise, she was able to come. She chose to see what church is like instead of going to her university. With more spiritual experiences like this, I know that she will be able to be baptized and continue in her life as a faithful member in the Lord's church, with help from both sides of the veil.

Thanks for all the love,
Elder Brady

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