Monday, December 14, 2015

"Baloy Valoy!" - Week 75

December 14th, 2015

 Twas a good week. We were able to do some pretty fun exchanges. One of them was with my old area El Eden! When I left, one of the district leaders in Villa Mella took my place as zone leader, and is now finishing the training of Elder Lemus. It's funny, cause we've had an exchange before when he was still in his training, so it was fun. Got to see some of my peeps back there. The other intercambio that we did, was with a companionship that's really having some problems as companions. It's sad to see such things in the mission, when it could all be solved with better communication between each other and more love. Hopefully we were able to help them see things from a different perspective. It's hard but rewarding at the same time to work with them and their zone leaders to try and help them out. Oh boy... the mission's a wonderful thing. It would help so many boys grow into men if they would just let it. Whelp, everything's fine and dandy here! Love you all!

Elder Brady

Lt. Elder Brady reporting for duty.
The Young men's president in our ward is in the Dominican Republic Air force,
so I borrowed his style for a quick pic.

Temple trip this week! Amazing as always

Elder Gaitan and I

As you all know, I am naturally attracted to anything bizarre,
and this certainly fits the category.
It's one of the most uncanny and unsettling sculptures I've ever seen.
Full of monsters, faces on tongues, boat-tombs,
Hugo Chaves, fountains, and Jesus,
this quintessential master piece brings the personal history
and imagination of it's creator to life.
Mingled and entwined within its painted cement structures,
lies a strange stomach-turning story dying to be told.
It's name- Baloy Valoy
 (The meaning of which is non-existent in any given world language)

I was able to meet the genius behind the work.
I think he thought we were going to make  him famous in America...

Madness meets Masterpiece

On the exchange, I was able to visit with Hector Santana,
who's baptism was delayed due to probation with the law,
but will be baptized very shortly.

My son (Elder Lemus), me, Elder Quintero, and Elder Gaitan