Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"WHAMY... from Elder to Sister" - Week 43

Tuesday May 5th, 2015

     Well, this week we had our temple trip. It was wonderful. The Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo temple has become a home to me. It's such a beautiful place of prayer, meditation, and inspiration.
     This upcoming week is very special as well, in that Sunday is Mother's Day. I'd like to send a shout out to my Mama. She's the best mom I ever could have wished to have. She's the most selfless, hardest working, strongest person I know and I'm blessed to have her in my life. Motherhood is a sacred calling, and she magnifies her's incredibly. I'm so thankful for her and everything she does. Love you Mom.
     This week we'll be workin our tails off with some progressing investigators we have, and hope to see some success there. Thanks for everything everyone, and have a stellar week.

Elder Brady

My dear old friend Reed and I. 
He's always chilin around there with his rip-stick. 
Love this guy.
La Zona Villa Mella al viaje del templo! 
Santidad al Señor, La Casa del Señor.

Hermano Nuñez dropped by and bought us ice cream. 
Super nice of him.

Learnin how to cook Mom!

     Firstly, I apologize to the children of America who may see this. Secondly, I can explain... 
Elder Kreutzkamp in my district calls every night to give the daily report, and every time he does, he comes up with some new joke or something. Sometimes he's been put in jail, and other nights he's batman. One particular incident, he quoted Titanic, saying "draw me like one of your french girls", and I said "done!". 
Be careful what you wish for folks. This is what awaited him the next day at our district meeting. Just goes to show, and to warn those in my district that you don't mess around with "slim"(or in this case Elder Brady)! You give me guff about having to give a talk I assigned you, WHAMY, you get drawn as a woman. You call too late at night, WHAMY, you get drawn as a woman. You don't do anything to deserve it at all, but I just feel like it... WHAMY, you get drawn as a woman. Please excuse me for the un-missionary-like conduct, but I simply couldn't resist sending it.