Monday, May 11, 2015

"Juke-Box Hero (in this case the juke-box WAS the hero...)" - Week 44

May 11th, 2015

     Sorry this is late, the computer keeps turning off...
Pretty good week, we had our stake conference, and they talked a lot about the temple. The Santo Domingo Temple President actually came and addressed us as well. It was nice to see that focus, and I think it was the perfect thing for these people to hear. Of course, my highlight was talkin to the fam. That was awesome! Thanks for everything everybody. Love you all!

Elder Brady

You wont believe it, but we found and ate at a Johnny Rockets! 
They had a juke-box with all kinds of old 50´s songs... 
I was in heaven. Let's just say we sat very close to this while we ate, 
and even though every other song had to be some dominican merenge or something, 
it was still quite enjoyable.

We went to Sambil, a big mall in the capital.

P-day! Found a bridge!

Me and some Teddy Rosaveltesque Juan Pablo Duarte

I know... I couldn't believe it either... 

The entry way is a gigantic fish tank

An area in our district I had an exchange with. 
You can see the house and car in the background, this is a pretty rich area.