Monday, April 27, 2015

"Showdown de la Banda Pollo Loco!" - Week 42

April 27th, 2015

     Hello everyone! It was a pretty average week again, not too much to report... I've got a little story about some chickens, but that's about it. We're also going to the Temple this week, so I'm super excited about that. I'll tell you how that goes next week. In the meantime, everyone have a great week, and may God be with you!

Love you all,

Elder Brady

It was time for that little goatee to go. 
My companion bought a straight edge razor... Let the shaving begin!

     Several weeks ago, the owner of our little apartment building decided to renovate the upstairs space. This includes building an external staircase next to the side of the house. Through what seemed like ages of loud and constant banging, breaking, and building, a flight of stairs were made. As an indirect result of this, the neighborhood gang of chickens have found an "In" to our home. You see, they've been wanting to enter for quite some time now; always strutting and bobbing their heads up and down the street like they own the place... The nerve! Finally they found their loop-hole. I think they have an inside man on the construction crew. The steps go right upside the railing of our patio, thus providing the perfect entry. They'd steal in at night, while the lords of the house slumber. They'd leave nice little presents for us to find in the morning, with their chief rooster mockingly awaking us. They were trying to send a message... Poop! They pooped on our porch!... A lot of it! Son demonios vestidos como pollos! They're animals, all of them! Well, they didn't know who they were messing with. They waged a war they couldn't finish, and brought feathers to a gun fight.
     One day, we caught them red-taloned, right in the act! They squealed and ran around the lower area, enclosed and entrapped! They were done for, and they knew it. I think I actually heard one of them offering a Hail-Mary (this country is heavily populated by Catholics you know...) In that moment I thought of the options at hand, mulling over them in my mind. We could have broken their kneecaps and sent them on their way, or boiled them, set 'em on a pile o' rice and called 'em lunch! But we didn't... Being "forgive and forget Christian folks", I knew all we had to do is scare them enough that they'd never return. So Elder Zarate grabbed one, and I looked it in the eyes. A Chuck Noris style stare down is what we had. The theme song from the final scene of "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" began to play in my head. He started to bleed from his beak it was so intense. We let them go. And as they scattered away I shouted "And you tell your friends!... George Nelson... Born to raise hell!". I haven't the slightest idea why I said that, it just came out. And that was the tale of the face off between the Pollo Gang and Elder Brady. They've never shown their ugly mugs around my part of town again...

Ten months ago, these four left the Salt Lake City airport together,
 unknowing of who the heck they were, and what they were getting into. 
We had a leadership meeting Wednesday, 
and all four of us are district leaders. I love these guys.

My turn...

Nuff said.