Monday, March 16, 2015

"An Apostle in the DR" - Week 36

March 16th, 2015

     This was a great week. Not with particular respect to our investigators, though they're moving on just fine, but rather some of the meetings we've had. This week I've heard exactly what I needed to in the most perfect of ways. I'm learning just how important personal revelation is to missionary work.

     To start off, we had a mission wide meeting with Elder Clayton of the Seventy, Elder Cornish of the Seventy, and Elder Martinez of the Seventy. That's right. Two Hundred something missionaries in one room with three of the the Seventy. It was awesome. It was kind of a question and answer style thing, so that was fun.

     Then, Sunday... Guess who came to the Villa Mella stake to give a little talk? Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. I had the amazing opportunity to sit yards away from an Apostle, listening to him speak as a full time missionary. I can't quite describe the feeling when he entered the small chapel. It was so wonderful. In the beginning, after the choir girls had sung, the first thing he said, after a handful of spanish, was that they were the most wonderful choir of "hermanitas" he'd ever seen, and would like a picture of them afterwards to use for his facebook! So funny.

     There is no doubt this man is inspired by God. He related to us a story of personal revelation received while trying to find a lost passport, while late for his first flight to this country as a new apostle many years ago. As he and his wife knelt in prayer amidst piles of unpacked boxes in their house, as they had just moved, he saw in his mind exactly which box it was in. He got up immediately, went into the other room, under a table, under several other boxes, to find the very one that contained his passport. He got to the airport just in time, and all was well.

     He also shared with us the story in Acts three, of Peter healing the lame man at the temple. Using his own words in telling the story, as he often does, he told us how that man was hoping at best only to receive a small piece of silver, and it would've been a great day. He recieved something much much greater that day. The moral is that we will always get more than we bargained for in the gospel. 

It was a great day, and I'll never forget it.

Lots of meetings this week, and a trifle of cool experiences. All and all... a good week. Thanks for everything back home, and you all have a fantastic week as well.

Elder Brady

These are the zone shirts..."couple o' Gs wearin em".
Pardon the picture of Bob Marley smokin a joint in the background.
In a companionship, there's a certain element of "give and takes".

Got to see my pals from my MTC district days.
It was awesome!

These are some of our investigators we brought to see Elder Holland. 
It was an awesome experience for them, 
even though they don't quite fully understand the significance of it yet.