Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Week Two"

On Jul 17, 2014, at 1:21 PM, Spencer Brady wrote:

Dear all,
Wow, it does not seem like it's only been two weeks. Its great here, but it feels like ive been here for two months. However, it also feels like i just left yesterday. Time is an illusion here.
The CCM is great, but in many ways, it's like a minimum security mental institution. The compund is surrounded by a wall, and everything in or out of the gate is sensored and filtered. The workers wear white shirts and a name tag. we're allowed one our of gym time everyday. And we are fed something that calms 35 19 yr old boys while changing our digestion at the same time. Its great though!
We got to go out of the gate for the first time this week. Went shopping! its awesome! the streets are so colorful! and such a contrast between things that are nice and modern, with huge potholes and trash everywhaere. Its wierd. That was the first time i felt like i was in another country. Evrything is so controlled and familiar here in the CCM. Everything but the spanish.
My spanish is coming ok. Its hard, but im learning a ton! Very fun here.
Love my companion! And our room, our foursome and district, is great! we're way close already, and have a lot of fun together.
The teachers are great here! all dominican! All very funny!
Tell Brother Rawson thankyou for the scriptures and thoughts. They were particularly helpful with an investigator that loves to use bilble verses to contradict our message.
Its very fun here. I did a drawing for one of our teachers, and the next day he wrote a poem in english about how great it was he almost cried! ha ha! hes awesome. We play ultimate every day. So hot! We're drenched every time. Love you all! Thanks for your support!
 Elder Brady