Thursday, July 31, 2014

"A Month gone by" - Week 4

On Jul 31, 2014, at 1:31 PM, Spencer Brady wrote:

Hello everyone!

All is well here! we just got rid of a bunch of missionaries to Puerto Rico, and today we got a whole lot more! We went from 30 missionaries to about 75! We're way packed in here! But it's great! The other day, when we only had about 30 of us, all the teachers and everybody had a big Baseball game in the parking-lot! So much fun! The entire CCM playing dominican ball! Even our President came and watched for a bit! I love my district, love my companion, love my room-mates, love the teachers, I love everything!
We went to the Temple here for the second time today! It was great cause its been closed the past three weeks! Very interesting going through in Spanish! I though things were a bit confusing in English! Ha ha, kidding. Interesting though. I've come to realize, that my experience in the MTC is  a bit different than many others, being so small, and having a temple so close. Its wonderful!
Lats friday, we went contacting at the University again, great experience! Some of the areas look really nice, and some look like it's straight off the set of "The Walking Dead". Dogs with tiny puppies following their mother, walking the street, no biggie... This place rocks! Anyway, Our first contact acted very interested until she found out we had no money, then she just kind of walked away without saying anything... Feeling a bit discouraged, and very confused, we trudged on. Our second contact we ended up talking with for almost an hour and a half! The only reason we stopped is because we all had to go back to the CCM! It was Awesome! We basically just taught them the first lesson, and more! One was really interested, the other knew the Bible well, and didnt even take a pamphlet at the end of the discussion. But they were both SO nice! It was hard, stressful, and also very funny trying to explain things to them in Spanish. During our talk, another missionary from some other church came up, and in his very fast Dominican Spanish, started going off talking about Mormons, and ended up asking me for money. All I could say was "No tengo dinero!" But he kept pressing us. Luckily our new found friends got rid of him for us. Then one of them used my dictionary to look up the word "deceitful" and told us that he doesnt want the money for good reasons, ha ha! But they both saw something in US that made them take over an hour out of their day, and talk to two complete strangers. They just had so many questions! I got a taste of what its like to be in the field. I really hope with all my heart that he calls the number to talk with missionaries that have better spanish. I just hope his friend doesnt influence him not to do so. But we left him with a Book of Mormon, and all we can do is pray for the miracle that he picks the good book up, reads a bit, prays a bit, and calls the number on the back of the pamphlet. But we may have planted a seed that can grow.
Anyway, Things are great! I love you all! And i apologize if my letters are incoherent. We dont have time to proof read ;) But i love reading all your letters, even though i dont have time to reply to them all! Lots of of Love,
Elder Brady

#1- We have way too much fun to be Missionaries!
 #2- One of our teachers, Hermano Martinez, and I. Im a freak. ha ha!