Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Week 3"

On Jul 24, 2014, at 1:31 PM, Spencer Brady wrote:

Hey everyone!
Life is great here! Lots of learning, and no time for anything else! ha ha! its great! so hot... i think im just accepting that i will be always sweating for the next two years here. 
We went contacting at the university last Friday, and will do so again tomorrow. It was so much fun! And so scary. Never known what its like to go up to a total stranger who speaks a language you know very little of, and try to share a very important message about Christ. Scary. But so fun! The people here are awesome! so friendly.
My teachers are great. Hermao Ramirez, one of our teachers always says the funniest things. And his answer to everything, especially when we complain about spanish, is "Eso es mental!" He says it all the time, and we say it back. Es Mental!
Yesterday, another one of our Maestros, Hermana Escobores, who is known as the Espanol nazi, because she never speaks english with us, and wont let us speak it in her presence, though always very kind, anyway, she started speaking to us in English, which was weird, cause we had always thought she didnt know any, but only heard rumors of her ability to speak it. Her English is better than mine I swear! No accent, even though she's native Dominican, it was a mind blower for sure! She shared with us her conversion story and her testimony for about an hour because she wanted us to know why we are here to learn spanish. It was an awakening, enlightening, and humbling experience. She told of how her mother prayed and fasted for 9 years that someone would come and be able to teach her daughter the way she needed so that she could come to Christ. And that she and her mother now do the same for the rest of their family, who will need to be taught by someone who can communicate their message in Spanish. Miracles do happen everyday. I have never appreciated the gospel so much. and the blessing of growing up where i did. We meet people that come from all around the Caribbean to receive the blessing of the Santo Domingo Temple. 
The devotionals here are amazing. Usually we watch one from the Apostles at the provo MTC, and they are great, but this week the area president of the Caribbean, elder cornish, gave the devotional and it was so cool! The people who are called to be mission, MTC and Area presidents are truly called by God, and they are so wise. Its awesome! He, his wife, and his 30 yr old down-syndrome son live in the same building as my mission president. His name is reed and he plays Frisbee with us every day. He's so awesome! That building they live in, we call the Great and Spacious Building. Ha ha! Just because its so tall. 
Things are great here! My companion and i are like a super duo! Our whole district gets along very well. Its great! Love you all!
Elder Brady