Monday, March 14, 2016

" Los Mejores Dos Años; nunca entendía este dicho hasta este punto de mi misión" - Week 88

March 14th, 2016

     Things are swell here in Los Solares. To be honest, and realistic. The adversary is attacking our investigators and recent converts very hard. Among doubts, sudden fear and excuses, denial, separation, financial problems, and outright lies straight from satan's mouth, some of these people are really suffering from a lot of difficulties. I've been thinking a lot lately about why that would be, and just what we can do to battle it.
      I see so much potential in this ward, and I know the Lord has great plans for it and the people individually. I believe that either our common enemy is sending forth his strongest battalions to avoid much greater losses in the future, or I'm just becoming more aware and sensitive toward such efforts on his part. Perhaps both.
     We'll be fastening the armor of God extra tight as we march on to war. Using our members and other ward resources will be essential. We're planning pretty strategically, and are trying to be as creative as possible in doing so, but every child of God has their agency to choose as they will. As for Elder Charles, things are great. It's very noticeable, the things I'm learning, as I watch him learn.

All is well in Zion!

Elder Brady

Elder Smith burnt a shirt for his year mark.

Field Trip!

We filled a huge bus with investigators and missionaries
from the entire zone for a temple trip.
It was awesome! We had a big family of 15 there

La Familia Anziani 

I was here for this little cutie's birth.
We call him "Cebollita" (little onion)
because of a little tuff of curly hair on his head when he was born.
His mother, Maryleidy, is progressing really well.

This guy, Eduard, will be baptized this upcoming weekend with his aunt,
Yenni, whom we are also visiting.

Love this family

The day after, Elvis Anziani, got really sick with amebas.
We went to the hospital to give him a blessing.

Zone activity

A Gringo-Brazillian sandwich!

My homies

Other homies