Monday, October 12, 2015

"All is well, All is... wait, is that Pica Pollo?" - Week 66

October 12th, 2015

     New area , and new everything! "La vaina ta buena paka!" as they say in dominican... -"thing's are all good over here!" We made it safe and sound to El Eden, and I receive my little boy this Tuesday. His name is Elder Lemus, from El Salvador. He's a real good guy, and we have a pretty good time together. He's learning a lot about the mission, and it brings me back to my early times, the first weeks in the mission, adjusting to all the new and strange cultural aspects of a completely foreign experience. He's battling some very common homesickness, but he's soldiering on quite well.
     The ward here is better than I thought it would be, but still very apparent that there's some "heating up" to do with the missionary work. The Bishop is basically a psychopath, but as they say, "Entre locos, se entienden" and I believe I can get into his mind and carry out the plans he has for the ward. I've dealt with a lot of different types of people, but this is a whole new species, so it'll be fun to discover what makes things tick here in El Eden. Things are swell here. With a positive attitude, hard work, tried and tested strategies, creativity, obedience, and revelation from the Lord, miracles come to pass. I'm a firm believer in said miracles, and we'll be seeing many of them soon. Our first night in the area we put a date with a man who has 4 months receiving the missionaries, but just hasn't been able to commit himself to baptism. He's now preparing to be baptized the 5th of November. I know this was gift from God, for him, for the ward, and for the work. Things are a bit complicated, what with being in a different house than the other Zone Leader and what not... the communication is fun! But things are going really well. Other than that, I thought I'd end on a high note, stating that the runs I've had these past several days from some pica pollo I ate have now come and gone. All is well in Zion. Thanks for all your prayers everyone!

Elder Brady