Monday, August 3, 2015

"La Freca" - Week 56

August 3rd, 2015

Dear People,

     The week was a good one. We had the assistants come to the zone this last Thursday to capacitate us leaders. It was really good, and learned a lot. We're getting excited for our next Noche Blanca, which is anticipated to be more successful than the last. It'll be good.

     We've been running around all over the zone this week, trying to solve both little and big problems all over the place. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it. Don't have much time this week, but I'd at least like to highlight a funny experience that happened to me this week.

     One day I was on an intercambio with Elder Daniels, and we got into one of the many route cars that pass by after having gotten out of a lesson. Elder Daniels entered the front and I into the back. Now, I'm no prince charming in the States, but down here, any guy with sapphire blue eyes is automatically an exotic gem. There was a girl in back already, and as soon as I got in she had her eyes fixed on me like white on rice. It was painfully obvious to see that she was interested in me, and in a very child like way. Every time I turned my head, she was there staring, smiling, and waving at me. I felt like Arthur in the old cartoon Sword in the Stone, when he's a squirrel, and has a friend he can't get rid of. I tried to start talking to her about the gospel, and soon Elder Daniels joined in. But then, as he was talking up front, her hand slowly started getting closer and closer to me until she was pinching the skin on my elbow... Weird right? Then she started to stroke my arm, and faster than you could think it, I said "Donde Pueda Chófer!" Signaling to the man driving the car to pull over. Well, she decided she had to get her licks in before I got out, almost literally, so she put her hand on my mouth, and then put that hand on her mouth and kissed it. Ladies and gentleman, that day I achieved a feat no human being in history has ever reached without mechanical aid. I flew. I flew out of that car faster than a speeding bullet. I was safe from the 17 yr. old dominican version of Potiphar's wife. Thats what's called a "Freca" here in the D.R. Basically a dominican word for floozy (I apologize for the strong wordage kids). When Elder Daniels asked me if this is where we were supposed to get out, I told him what happened, and he was blissfully unaware of the events that had just taken place. Oh the curse of my blue eyes and blonde hair...

 Anyway, all is well in Zion, and the Church is true.

Elder Brady