Monday, August 10, 2015

"Family Trees" - Week 57

August 10th, 2015

     Pretty good week all in all. We're being incredibly blessed right now with investigators that just pop up here and there. It's never happened in my mission, but we have more progressing investigators than we can handle. There just isn't enough time in a week to visit them all. It's kind of rough to have all that combined with the responsibilities of the calling. It's hard to find an equilibrium between spending time as Zone leader, or spending time in the area. And the first usually takes precedent. But all is well.

     This week after district meetings, we all gathered together and set up a black board at the front. In chalk, I had drawn two missionaries inside a seed-pod looking thing, underground with a bunch of roots spreading out from it. As we started asking questions and developing the topic, I drew a family with six children above the ground, then around them grew the tree trunk, dividing into six branches. We continued developing the idea and conclussion I wanted them to get to. Then I drew smaller branches off of the six, and even smaller branches off of those until the tree began to flourish with innumerable branches and leaves. We talked about how many generations of families we could touch just by spreading the seed. I drew a fruit on the tip of one of the branches, representing what could be a future leader or missionary of the church long after we've died. Eventually, that fruit will fall in it's time and spread the same seed, starting new a new tree. I began to draw a forest in the background. We shared Alma 26-22, talking about the possibility of bringing thousands of souls to salvation. It was then interesting to see an infinite network of roots connecting each other traced deep under the ground. It all started from a seed that was planted. We talked about how we're not just baptizing individuals here, rather entire families and generations that will grow and flourish, all traceable through family roots that grow far back. Everything is connected. We bagan to talk about the temple, and the work done therein. I drew the Santo Domingo Temple in the middle of the forest making such vicarious work and connections possible. Elder Romero shared D&C 64:33-34, about placing the cement of a great work, and what we're willing to do for the Lord.  It was a really cool discussion, and I think we all learned a bit more about the importance of finding and teaching families to build the kingdom of God on earth.

Anywho, The mish rocks. Peace out ya'll

Elder Brady