Monday, October 6, 2014

"Note to Self... Never "Black Man Grip" a General Authority" - Week 13

October 6th, 2014

So... Conference was awesome! 

We watched it at la Capilla with the ward. Of course Elder Bodily and I were watching it in English in another room, thank goodness! We took our shoes off, loosened our ties, and enjoyed our time of peace through the inspired words of our prophets. Ill have to admit though, it was a long work and meeting filled week. We've both been a bit sick this weekend, me with a fevor and headache, and my comp with a cold, so at one point we must have been enjoying our time of peace a bit much. After the last session our Bishop teased us and said that as he walked past the room, he saw through the window, Elder Bodilys feet up on the table with his head tilted back, and me with my face planted gracefully upon the table. Woops... But all is well, he's a funny joking guy, whose trust we've already gained. 

Something else, Elder Martinez, one who spoke Spanish this conference, serves in the Caribean Area. I have had, on two seperate ocassions, the opportunity to meet and listen to him speak. Once in the MTC, and the second in a Zone Conference. He's an awesome guy, but pretty strict with missionary behavior. In the MTC he demonstrated how we should properly greet and address people we come in contact with as representitives of Jesus Christ. That being said.... and me being the complete oaf that I am... At the zone conference... Well, firstly, here in the DR, everyone does the whole "black person" handshake... with the switching hand placement up top thing. Everytime my bishop shakes my hand, he does that and pops my thumb... so... I had gotten really used to it. Needless to say, for some reason I completely forgot his last talk, and wrongly sensed that this kind of handshake is what he was going for. He quickly and kindly corrected me, saying ¨Only this Elder... Only this...¨ Ha! I learned from it and shrugged it off my shoulders just like everything else. But the true inner sense of embarrassment came as I watched him speak to millions around the world in General Conference, all the while in the back of my head hoping that, as unlikely as it is, he doesn't use my story as an example of what not to do as a missionary in some parable! Nah, it was pretty funny...

Had the chance to see all my buddies from the MTC at our mid-training meeting. That was super fun. Man... If I still sound as gringo as some of them, I appologize to Domincan ears everywhere!

Alright, Thanks for all the prayers! Love you all!   Elder Brady

Us, at the Nuns' Sanctuary

At the Sanctuary as well. Elder Cornejo named him "Elder Brady"! :)

Sanctuary again... The prettiest place here. Untouched by the garbage!

We attended the Baseball game of one of our investigators named Adrian.
It was a fun Pday!

Traveling is miserable here! So hot!