Monday, October 20, 2014

"Life is like a package of pens in the D.R. never know what you're gonna get" - Week 15

October 20th, 2014

Explanation to my subject line-  We have this Super Market in our Zone called Olé, that Ive come to hold a hateful grudge against. Firstly, they didnt have tomatillos for me to make my salsa, and secondly this... I bought a big pack of pens that explicitly says on the cover "pens of all colors" with a rainbow assortment inside. Blues, greens, reds, and purples of the most brilliant shades. I thought to myself, "Hey, these would make great scripture marking pens". To my shigrin I found as I opened the package at home, all of the pens to be the exact same color. Every single blasted pen that appeared to be part of a beautiful array, were all of the same dissapointing dulled blue. They didnt even write very well... (insert pittiful sigh here) I spent like 80 pesos on that thing! Even though thats not even two dollars, my plight was real. I could impart some kind of object lesson here... something deep about how sometimes in life we dont get what we were expecting.... but really it was just a dissapointing purchase at a crappy store!
We have this one family we teach, that absolutely love it when we come by to share the ¨word¨, the only problem is getting them to church. We teach them in back of their house, and everytime we come they invite all their neighbors to listen. Sometimes the crowd is actually pretty big, and i feel like we´re preaching a sermon. Its awesome! One time, they offered us coco, coconuts, which he grabbed off their tree, got a machete, chopped part of it up, and we drank the milk from it. So good! Then they gave us the meat inside. Twas quite good. Another time they gave us a dominican treat called arepa. Its like a mushy cornmeal cake, that is usually served frozen or cold. She had just cooked it, so it was hot, and i actually like it served warm allot better. 
We have a baptism this next Saturday. Dislaila, 11 years old. Super excited. We would have had two more, but they fell through. Rachel and Sandra. They are so ready.... but they just wont come to church! One of the frustrations of the mission. 
Well, The Dominican Republic is a cool place. Sometimes i feel like im in the movie Nacho Libre, cause i can say probably every minute walking on the street... "and that, is a crazy lady!"...because its true! Also every night there is a party. And Dominicans party hard! We steer clear of those.
My last Intercambio was much better.... Elder Estrada de Guatemala, although everytime he introduced himself, he was from another country. Peru, Panama, Venezuela... everywhere but Guatemala. I think i might start telling people im from England, Canada, Australia.... They certainly dont know the difference in my accent. Might as well have some fun with it right?
Well, sorry I dont have any photos this week. I really havent taken any. Ill be better next week. But thank you all so much for everything!
!Para Siempre Dios este con vos!
Elder Brady