Monday, February 15, 2016

"Like unto a Child" - Week 84

February 15th, 2016

     Usually, at the training meeting, where the trainer meets and is assigned to his trainee, it works like this; Trainers on one side of the chapel, and trainees on the other side. The President reads the name of the trainee, and then that of the trainer, and they meet, hug, and sit down together. When they called my name after Elder Charles's, I went up to receive my companion. As I went in for a big hug, my six foot something companion picked me up and lifted me four feet off the ground. Everyone was laughing, but I was just afraid he was going to eat me!

     Things couldn't be better with Elder Charles! He's learned a lot already and will learn plenty more. He's bold and has no fear, which are qualities that will make him an outstanding missionary. He's lived a humble life. His study is a slow process, but he's consistent. The simple things, like planning and writing things in the agenda, take much more time, because he's learning something new, words, pronunciation, or spelling, all the time. I've put up a chalk board in the house where we practice daily, and it seems to help connect visuals with what he hears. Its a pleasure and a joy every day to work with him, and I couldn't ask the Lord for a greater learning opportunity. Love you all,

Elder Brady

"Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted,
and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven."

First day!

Studyin like a boss

Thought I might send you all just about the creepiest picture ever...
 Elder Smith locked himself out of his phone one day,
so they had to sleep at our house for a night.
As we were getting ready for bed, I went into the bathroom to take my contacts out,
and Elder Smith was hiding in my shower with two inflatable light sabers
 I received in my Christmas package.
As he yelled "Surprise attack!" and came charging out,
he hit his head on the top of the shower door,
 and with a loud bang, fell to the floor. After making sure he was alive,
 I couldn't contain myself from busting out into laughter...
 I spent the rest of the night dressing his head wound...

The boys

I was explaining a certain parable I've developed in the mission
to help teach the restoration,
involving a bus, keys, driver, manuals, radios
and some dominican things that apply to the culture of the dominican people.
 Too little time to do it justice in writing.

​The Familia Ramos, that just got baptized, has had some serious marital problems,
and the adversary has been working hard on attacking them.
But they went to a ward couples party Saturday, and danced and everything.
We've taught the family "A Proclamation to the World", and gave them a copy.
Tonight, we'll be implementing family home evening so that they can do it weekly.
Everything will be fine :)