Monday, September 15, 2014

¨Come on in boys, the water is fine!¨ - Week 10

September 15th, 2014

Well, another week. I had my first baptism! It was amazing! Little Elizabeth was so cute! She was so excited. It was interesting saying the words in Spanish, but very cool. The entire experience, was great and very different than how i had imagined it to be. Reverence for Domincan people is i tad different, ha ha! It was a very spiritual experience, and a great meeting, but just different. Its hard to explain. Before i was about to baptize her, the second counseler came up and said she had to take her white beads out of her hair, so we had to stop and wait for that. Afterward, all the niños followed me into the bathroom
to help me change, ha ha! Doing up my tie and what-not! It was great! And next weekend we have three more baptsms. Very excited.

So the other night, around 8-50, as Elder Marroquin and I were headed home, on the street just before the one we live on, we stumbled upon terrifying site. Before we knew it, we were in the middle of war between two neighboring gangs in the community. We ducked as shots were fired past our heads. The smell of gun powder and blood filled the night air. Yelling and screaming, it was anarchy. Crime fights like this are pretty common. Every other night there´s a brawl. I guess that´s what you´d expect when every mom n´ pop store on the corner supplies kids with guns. Pop-guns that is. Ha! The neighborhood kids go crazy with them! Riding their bikes and shooting eachother with the toys. It´s pretty fun to watch. No Mom... I´ve never actually heard a real gunshot. But everyone carries guns in their pants. Pretty funny.

Sorry this one´s a bit short. Thanks for all the support! Love you all!

#1- The kids of the ward. (The Gang!) :)

#2- A snake I found as we were on our way back for lunch.

#3- Like I said, it was just before lunch!?

#4- Me (Hector), Elder Brady, and his younger brother. He´s got my name.

#5- Baptism! Elizabeth Rincon. Happy Day!